7mm Triangle Compression Latch UM2122-1 for Electronic Enclosures

Fully Stainless Steel, IP65 rating 7mm triangle compression latch suitable for electronics enclosures and telecoms

7mm Triangle Compression Latch UM2122-1 for Electronic Enclosures

Material: Stainless Steel
Environmental Protection: IP65 rating

Part Number Description
UM2122-1 7mm Triangular Compression latch with 7mm Triangular key style and insert
UM2122 Cam Compression latch cam

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7mm Triangle Compression Latch: A Secure Solution for Electronic Enclosures

For securing outdoor electronic enclosures and broadband cabinets, the 7mm Triangle Compression Latch from Lockbolt ERS presents a robust and reliable solution. Tailored to meet the specific demands of outdoor enclosures, this latch system combines advanced security features with a user-centric design, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

Advanced Sealing and Protection

At the core of the 7mm Triangle Compression Latch’s functionality is its advanced sealing capability. The latch is engineered to provide a high degree of protection against environmental factors like moisture and dust. This is particularly important in safeguarding sensitive electronics from the damaging effects of water ingress and particulate contamination. The latch achieves this through its precise compression mechanism, which ensures a secure and tight seal, safeguarding the contents within the enclosure.

Enhanced Vibration Resistance

Recognising the challenges posed by vibration in outdoor settings, the 7mm Triangle Compression Latch is designed to offer superior vibration resistance. This feature is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the enclosure, especially in high-vibration environments such as near machinery or in high-traffic areas. The reduction of noise and potential internal damage due to vibration is a key benefit of this latch, contributing to the longevity and reliability of the protected equipment.

Simplified Operation

Despite its robust sealing capabilities, the 7mm Triangle Compression Latch is designed for ease of use. Its operation involves a straightforward mechanism that is both efficient and user-friendly. This simplicity in operation ensures that authorised users can access the enclosure quickly and without hassle, an important factor in environments where time and ease of access are critical.

User-Centric Design

The latch’s design is centred around the user experience. It acknowledges the need for a balance between secure protection and practical usability. By focusing on a design that is intuitive and straightforward, the 7mm Triangle Compression Latch ensures that it meets the needs of both the technicians who operate it and the requirements for safeguarding sensitive equipment.

The 7mm Triangle Compression Latch from Lockbolt ERS stands out as a sophisticated and versatile solution for outdoor electronic enclosures and broadband cabinets. With its exceptional sealing properties, vibration resistance, customisable security options, and ease of use, this latch system is well-suited to a variety of applications. It embodies a blend of advanced technology and user-focused design, making it a top choice for professionals seeking reliable and efficient security solutions for their electronic enclosures.