Lockbolts, Structural Blind Fasteners and Custom Hardware

We develop, customise, manufacture and supply Lockbolts, fasteners and custom hardware components for demanding applications

Fast install, high strength, tamper proof fastening system. High shear & clamp loads.

Customisable weather and vandal resistant locks, latches, hinges and door accessories.

Designed for restricted access applications where Lockbolt use is not possible.

Fully Compatible Tooling: To install Lockbolts, Blind Fasteners & Rivets

Our high performance fastening systems provide high strength and proven reliability for heavy-duty applications around the world.

Drawing on over 30 years of experience Lockbolt ERS Limited was established to manufacture and supply lockbolts and high-strength fasteners throughout Europe and World Wide.

Now additionally a manufacturer, stockist and supplier of custom hardware for fttc cabinets, telecoms and fibre outdoor enclosures, we have combined experienced engineering in this field with our own technical expertise.

We bring the same ethos regarding our customers to our three main product ranges. We work with our customers to understand what they need, whether they are customisations, supply chain management or a brand new solution. We are willing and able to provide technical support, application know-how and products samples to test or develop. We are committed to the quality of both our products and our customer service and hold an ISO 9001 registration for design, supply and distribution of specialized fasteners and hardware products.

Our three main product ranges are:

Lockbolts. High-strength, vibration-proof fasteners for use on heavy gauge engineering and construction applications. View range

Structural Blind Fasteners. High-strength blind fasteners are ideal for when there is only access from one side of the joint material. View range

Custom FTTC and Telecoms Cabinet Hardware. Developed for outdoor enclosures and road or trackside cabinets these stainless steel hinges, latches, locks and components offer ingress protection, vandal resistance and long life expectancy. View range

To complement our three main ranges we also stock and supply:

Fully compatible lockbolt and structural blind fastener tooling. To install Lockbolts, Blind Fasteners and Rivets. We supply a comprehensive and completely interchangeable tooling range. Read more

Access Hardware. Hinges, locks and latches for plant machinery and heavy-duty applications. Contact us for details

Engineering support

Years of application experience help our engineers work with you to offer excellent technical assistance.

Fast samples service

Understanding the need to check and test engineering products we have samples ready to dispatch at a moments notice.

Available from stock

We hold stock across our range of products helping you to manage your inventory and procurement processes.

Committed to high quality

Our products are designed, developed and tested to meet or exceed industry engineering standards. we are ISO 9001 registered for design, supply and distribution of specialized fasteners and hardware products

Short lead times

A combination of an efficient global distribution network and fast turnaround manufacturing keeps our lead times to a minimum.

Compatible products

Our products and tooling are developed to be completely interchangeable with existing equipment platforms and installations.