Custom Hardware

Customisable weather and vandal resistant locks, latches, hinges and door accessories.

The UM1000 stainless steel lift-off hinge for FTTC cabinets, 5G telecoms & fibre. Features on road-side enclosures due to vandal-resistant features throughout.
The UM2041 stainless steel lift-off hinge for outdoor electronics cabinets with universal fit to left or right-handed doors for road-side enclosures.
The UM1268 security latch for telecoms cabinets 5G Fibre FTTP Exchanges features a 12mm bayonet insert stainless steel, rated to IP65 & vandal resistant.
The UM2060 stainless steel Security latch for outdoor electronics cabinets with 14mm Bayonet Insert. Stainless steel, IP65 rating & vandal resistance.
The security lock releases the cover plate which acts as a handle to turn the cam latch on this stainless steel locking swing handle for outdoor enclosures.
Intelligent smart key and access control system designed to offer high security, flexibility, auditability and accounting.
Stainless or mild steel rods and rod adaptors supplied to length required. Nylon rollers. These are roller rods for FTTC cabinet doors, telecoms 5G & fibre.
Door closing and sealing is assisted by the adjustable pressure cam and spring system on this BT Openreach cabinet latch style: UM2055
Pressed stainless steel hinge for electrical enclosures, 180 degree, adjustable and universal fit to left or right-handed doors.
Custom designed to suit your application. book a design appointment contact, +44 (0)1858 469191.
Stainless steel door rods for outdoor electronics cabinets supplied to the length required. Can be connected to two or three-point cams.
For use with 8mm round rods. Black polyamide with sunken nut. Available in 2 fixed sizes.
Black sponge rubber outdoor cabinet gasket for FTTC cabinets (EPDM). Compression. Edge protection. Wide variety of profiles available.