Tubular Compression Latch UM2122-1 for Broadband Cabinets

Fully Stainless Steel, IP65 rating tubular compression latch suitable for broadband cabinets and fttc electronics enclosures

Tubular Compression Latch UM2122-1 for Broadband Cabinets

Material: Stainless Steel
Environmental Protection: IP65 rating

Part Number Description
UM2122-1 Tubular Compression latch with tubular key style and insert
UM2122 Cam Compression latch cam

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Tubular Compression Latch for Outdoor Electronics Enclosures and Broadband Cabinets

In the world of outdoor electronics enclosures and broadband cabinets, ensuring the security and integrity of the contents is paramount. This is where Lockbolt ERS’s Tubular Compression Latch becomes an essential component. Designed to address multiple challenges such as environmental sealing, vibration resistance, and secure yet accessible operation, this latch system is a standout solution for outdoor enclosures.

Mechanical Advantage and Environmental Sealing

One of the primary features of Lockbolt ERS’s Compression Latch is its mechanical advantage. This design ensures a tight closure of the door, which is critical in protecting sensitive electronic equipment from external elements. The tight seal is particularly effective in sealing out water and dust, thereby maintaining the integrity of the enclosure’s contents. The consistent compression provided by the latch is a key factor in its effectiveness, especially in environments where exposure to moisture and particulate matter is a concern.

Vibration Resistance

Another significant aspect of the tubular compression latch is its vibration resistance. Outdoor enclosures, particularly those located near industrial sites or in areas with high environmental noise, are susceptible to vibrations. These vibrations can lead to noise and rattles, which might not only be annoying but can also be damaging to the delicate electronics housed within. The latch’s design helps reduce or eliminate these issues, ensuring a more stable and secure environment for the enclosure’s contents.

Ease of Operation and User-Friendly Design

The latch is designed for simple and user-friendly operation. Its smooth, continuous half-turn motion aligns the cam behind the frame and draws it up tight, securing the enclosure quickly and efficiently. This ease of operation is a crucial feature, as it ensures that authorized personnel can access the enclosure without difficulty, even when frequent access is required.

The user-friendly aspect of the tubular compression latch cannot be overstated. Its design takes into consideration not just the security and integrity of the enclosure but also the ease of use for the personnel who operate it. This balance of security and accessibility is what sets the Lockbolt ERS’s latch apart in the market.

The Tubular Compression Latch from Lockbolt ERS is an innovative solution that meets the complex needs of outdoor electronics enclosures and broadband cabinets. By providing a secure, vibration-resistant, and user-friendly locking mechanism, it plays a crucial role in protecting vital electronic components from external threats while ensuring easy access for maintenance and operation. Whether for industrial, commercial, or telecommunications applications, this latch stands as a reliable and efficient choice for securing outdoor enclosures.