Blind Structural Rivet

Blind Structural Rivet


High Strength Blind Fasteners are heavy duty, high strength and tamper proof.

  • Designed for use in heavy duty fastening applications where there is restricted access so it is not possible to use a Lockbolt Pin & Collar.
  • Wide grip range
  • Superior gap closure capability
  • High shear and clamp loads


Data Sheet (PDF)


Download Blind Structural Rivet Datasheet

Recommended Tools (PDF)

3/16″ – Pneudraulic Tool GB745 / Hydraulic Tool GB2480 – available on request
1/4″ – Pneudraulic Tool GB745 / Hydraulic Tool GB2480 – Nose assembly BOM08-755A-23
5/16″ – Pneudraulic Tool GB756 / Hydraulic Tool GB2581 – Nose assembly BOM10-756-26
3/8″ – Hydraulic Tool GB2620PT – Nose assembly BOM12-2620PT-31
1/2″ – Hydraulic Tool GB2620 – Nose assembly BOM16-2620A-41

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