Deadlock for FTTC cabinets with Secondary Lock: UM2010

All stainless steel with adjustable roller cam. This deadlock for outdoor enclosures has a dual locking mechanism. Won’t activate until security lock released.

Deadlock for FTTC cabinets with Secondary Lock: UM2010

Dual locking mechanism. The deadlock cannot be activated until the housed security lock is released. All Stainless steel with an adjustable roller cam.

Swing lock latch, environmentally sealed and vandal-resistant, high-security latch. The sealed unit shell of the Swing Lock provides the environmental protection and vandal resistance of chamfered stainless steel. The high-security key lock inside prevents unauthorised access and works as a high torque latch.

  • Environmentally Sealed
  • Vandal Resistant
  • High Security
  • Compression Latch
  • Can be used with commercial smart lock

Swinglock latch UM2010

3d representation of UM2010 swinglock


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