Flanged Collar 10 Series ERSSCF-10 3LC-2CU10 02648-71000

Flanged Lockbolt Collar 10 Series, Material: SS304, Finish: Bright, ERSSCF-10 3LC-2CU10 02648-71000, to fit 10 Series Lockbolt Pins

Part Number: ERSSCF-10

Lockbolt Series
Collar Type
Item Value
'F' (min-max) 7.72 - 7.92 mm
'G' (min-max) 12.65 - 12.88 mm
'H' (min-max) 10.01 - 10.82 mm
'J' (min-max) 1.57 - 2.39 mm
'K' (min-max) 15.47 - 16.28 mm

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