Large Diameter Lockbolts

Diameter range:
12.7mm – 34.9mm (1/2″ – 1-38/”)

Large Diameter Lockbolts

The large diameter Lockbolt pin and collar is a two-piece, heavy duty fastening system. Lockbolts offer high strength, vibration proof installation and high shear and clamp loads.

Lockbolts are quick and easy to install, tamper proof, and offering a wide range of diameters and lengths make them the ideal choice for heavy engineering applications.

Standard Sizes: 

Ø 12.7mm (1/2”)
Ø 15.9mm (5/8”)
Ø 19.1mm (3/4”)
Ø 22.2mm (7/8”)
Ø 25.4mm (1”)
Ø 28.6mm (1-1/8”)
Ø 34.9mm (1-3/8”)

Standard Head Styles: Round head, Truss Head, CSK
Material / Finish: Steel self colour finish (Black, oiled)
Optional Finish: Industry standard finishes available.
Optional Very High Tensile Strength: 10.9 grade
Optional Head or Styles: Custom head styles can be developed for customers with specific applications. Typically used where the outer head of the lock bolts can perform additional functions designed into the manufacture.

Once the collar has been swaged onto the Lockbolt a permanent vibration proof joint is achieved.

The pre-load values remain consistent on every installation.

Our Lockbolt fasteners have been extensively tested and conform to the very same specification as industry standards.

It is important to note that both our fasteners and tooling are fully compatible and above all interchangeable with industry standard systems.

The design and construction of the Lockbolt fastening system ensures the user of a high pull together of  joints and permanent clamp force with consistent pre-load on every fastener.

The high tensile and shear strength of the installed Lockbolt provides a joint with very high resistance to vibratory loosening. This ensures that all fasteners are installed with the same results under all conditions.

Visual inspection of the installed fasteners eliminates the need for expensive equipment and time consuming inspection methods.

Lockbolt Installation Drawing

  1. The pin is inserted into the pre-cut hole
  2. The collar is placed over the pin
  3. Tool is covers the pin tail and activated
  4. Tool swages collar and creates clamp
  5. Pin tail breaks and installation is complete

The video below Describes the use of Lockbolt Pin and Collar together with the installation tool clamping two sheets of material together.

1/2″ – Hydraulic Tool GB2620 – Nose assembly 16-2620-41
5/8″ – Hydraulic Tool GB585 – Nose assembly 20-585-41
3/4″ – Hydraulic Tool GB585 – Nose assembly 24-585-46
7/8″ – Hydraulic Tool GB2630 – Nose assembly 28-2630-28
1″ – available on request
1 1/8″ – available on request

Lockbolt Data Sheets - Pins

12.7mm (1/2") Diameter Lockbolts ERSB 16 Series

GRIP RANGE: 6.35mm - 127mm (0.25" - 5")

15.9mm (5/8") Diameter Lockbolts ERSB 20 Series

GRIP RANGE: 6.35mm - 127mm (0.25" - 5")

19.1mm (3/4") Diameter Lockbolts ERSB 24 Series

GRIP RANGE: 6.35mm - 127mm (0.25" - 5")

22.2mm (7/8") Diameter Lockbolts ERSB 28 Series

GRIP RANGE: 12.7mm - 127mm (0.5" - 5")

25.4mm (1") Diameter Lockbolts ERSB 32 Series

GRIP RANGE: 12.7mm - 127mm (0.5" - 5")

Lockbolt Data Sheets - Collars

Lockbolt Data Sheets - Inspection Data

Part Number Identification - Large Diameter Lockbolts

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