We make, and supply fully compatible lockbolts and tools

Low cost, superior quality, great service


Our lockbolts are fully compatible with existing lockbolt tooling. Our tooling is fully compatible with existing lockbolts.

Superior Quality

Our engineering standards either meet or exceed design and industry standards.


We stock millions of lockbolts at any time to make sure lead times are as low as possible.

Technical Backup

Our support team has over 35 years of expert engineering and application knowledge at your disposal.

Use our lockbolts with your existing tooling

No expensive re-tooling required to switch to Lockbolt ERS

And when you need spares or new tooling we have our own fully compatible range to offer from stock.

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Lockbolt ERS

Large Distribution Network​

Supplying lockbolts and tooling throughout the Americas, Europe and worldwide​

Superior Quality

Designed and manufactured to exceed competitors engineering standards and material

Diverse Application Experience

Invaluable support from a technically knowledgeable background

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About Lockbolt ERS

Lockbolt ERS Limited was established in 2010 to manufacture and supply Lock Bolts and high strength fasteners throughout Europe and World Wide. That year Lockbolt ERS also became a distributor of Gage Bilt tooling to offer a competitive, compatible line of high strength tooling for rivets and blind fasteners. In 2014 Lock Bolt ERS grew once more to launch a Custom Hardware division, a range of external electronics cabinet hardware developed to withstand extreme weather environments and urban location hazards. Since it’s inception the Lockbolt pin and collar system has been supplied to U.S. Rail Car programs, and in the summer of 2018 Lockbolt ERS chose to also supply the crushing and screening markets in the USA. You can find out more about Lockbolt ERS products by visiting the website lockbolt-ers.co.uk

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For Design, Supply and Distribution of Specialized Fasteners and Hardware products.

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